Top tourist spots in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a conservative Islamic kingdom that bans alcohol and detains domestic critics. In fact, only recently it has enacted a law that doesn’t allow couples to share a room unless they provide their married certificate.

But while Saudi Arabia may seem like sheltered from all the changes in the world, it is actually a beautiful place to go.

The Ruins of Al Ula

Al Ula is the most popular destination in Saudi Arabia. The staggering territory in the realm’s northwest is dispersed with brilliant stone arrangements, lavish citrus ranches and the remaining parts of a few antiquated realms. The most renowned vestiges, Mada’in Saleh, contain groups of 2,000-year-old Nabatean burial places. Think about Jordan’s Petra, short the groups.  Although there is a shortage of good hotels in this country outside the city, you’ll be amazed by the unmatched beauty of the Al Ula ruins. This is definitely a must-see place!

The Maldives of Saudi Arabia

The unblemished islands specked in the Red Sea close to the towns of Umluj and Al Wajh are additionally somewhat untouchable as the administration designs a travel industry improvement called the Red Sea Project. In any case, the shallow turquoise water and coral reefs around the islands are fair enough even for untrained swimmers. It’s well worth recruiting one of the neighborhood boatmen to explore the so-called Maldives of Saudi Arabia. In the winter, dolphins can be spotted.

The Mountains of the South

Saudi Arabia’s southern area of Asir is a world away from the dusty capital of Riyadh. Summer rain storms carry greenery to sensational mountain perspectives and neighborhood men wear fragrant crowns of blossoms in their hair. Mainstream exercises incorporate climbing and visiting the memorable town of Rijal Alma.

Edge of the World

Have you ever seen the edge of the world?Past the ancestral home of the ruling Al Saud family, Riyadh merits a stop just to see “Edge of the World.” It is a towering plateau, just two hours from the city that is a most loved end of the week climbing spot for occupants. The perspectives stretch unendingly toward each path and the quiet is remarkable.

The canyon of Wadi Tayyib Al-Ism

The canyon of Wadi Tayyib Al-Ism is a narrow valley between two cliffs that is part of a popular project by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called “Neom”. He wanted to turn the northwestern corner of his kingdom into a $500 billion futuristic mega-project and developed part of the region of Tabuk. The place is full of natural wonders beloved by domestic tourists, and officials are hatching plans to cater to adventure-lovers.

The Best Hotels in Rio de Janeiro

So you’re traveling to Brazil? Well, it’s no surprise that Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited places in Brazil. It is not only the capital city of Brazil but a haven of beautiful attractions and fun activities that everyone can enjoy. That is why we have listed the top most recommended hotels in Rio de Janeiro that you can stay in. Check this out!

Miramar Hotel

Situated across the popular Copacabana Beach, the Miramar Hotel features a beautiful green granite pool and a modern gym. What we love about this hotel is that it is pet-friendly making it perfect for fur parents out there.   The style and character of the hotel is light and airy with rooms in a perfect grey tone color.  There is a safe, a flat screen TV, and a mini bar for every bedroom. Sometimes, just staying in the room the whole day is already satisfying as it offers the best view of the ocean. 

Vila Santa Teresa

 Located uphill, Vila Santa Teresa still offers the best view of the ocean. It has a huge pool overlooking the perfect city Rio de Janeiro. There is free Wi-Fi and free private parking for guests who are bringing their own vehicle. There are many leisure activities that you can do in the hotel such as playing tennis plus it is near to the Santos Dumont Airport.  

Emeliano Rio

Located near the Copacabana Beach, this hotel is an ideal place for you to stay if you plan on taking advantage of the beachfront and the cozy accommodation.  It offers vast rooms, Wi-Fi and a private parking area. Every bathroom in this hotel has a bidet so there is no wastage of tissue paper. Everything is contemporary and very clean.  Emeliano Rio also serves contemporary Brazilian dishes that you will love for sure.

Hotel Fasano

Hotel Fasano is an elegant hotel and resort with a rooftop resort that overlooks Ipanema Beach.  Every room is very cozy and well-groomed. You can enjoy watching fun movies on a flat-screen TV. There is a mini bar, private bathroom with hair dryer, and leather furniture. We love how this hotel captivates us with its alluring aura. It will give you a sound sleep at night for sure or better yet, try to enjoy the Brazilian night vibe it offers.

Belmond CopacabanaAnother 5-star hotel is the Belmond Copacabana Palace. This hotel offers luxurious rooms with marble bathrooms. Aside from the iconic façade and delicately decorated interiors, it offers a great view of the Copacabana beach.  Whilst it is quite pricey, you will never regret your stay in this hotel.