Amazing Places to Visit in Spain

Spain, a country on Europe’s the Iberian Peninsula, includes 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures. The capital city Madrid is home to the Royal Palace and the Prado museum, housing works by European masters. 

We spent a week in Spain, traveling with friends who helped us open our business 10 years ago ( We could have easily spent another week in this beautiful European haven. We hope you’ll give it a try.


Barcelona is, without a doubt, Spain’s cultural capital. The Catalonian city’s urban sprawl is dotted with Antoni Gaudí’s whimsical architecture, including La Sagrada Familia, as well as museums carrying the masters, such as the Picasso Museum. You can also explore centuries-old neighborhoods, including Barri Gotic, which dates back to the Roman Empire.


Of all the cities in Spain, Madrid is the one that knows how to show travelers the best time. The city’s party-hard reputation is all it’s cracked up to be, but that’s not all Spain’s capital has going for it. Madrid is filled with diverse, vibrant neighborhoods, stunning parks, excellent shopping, and some of the best art institutions in Europe, including the world-renowned Prado Museum.


This beautiful Andalusian city is awash with romantic allure. During the day, you’ll find outdoor cafes along cobbled streets and horse-drawn carriages meandering through pastel-colored plazas. And when night falls, flamenco dancing comes out in full force. This is the kind of place you should allow yourself to get lost in. 


Valencia stands out for offering a little taste of both the old and the new. You’ll get to experience classic architecture at the city’s Cathedral and Plaza Ayuntamiento, as well as new sites like the City of Arts and Sciences and the Valencia Institute of Modern Art.

San Sebastian

Situated along the northern coast, San Sebastian is one of the most underrated destinations in Spain. Locals understand its majesty and every summer flock to this beach destination for its breathtaking shorelines, hiker-friendly mountains and unmatched foodie scene that’s world-famous for its pintxos.


Granada’s Arabic influence makes this destination different from the rest of Spain. Thanks to its history as part of the Moorish Empire, Granada is home to tapas bars and flamenco venues that rub elbows with Moroccan tea cafes and Arab bathhouses. This confluence allows you to experience two cultures simultaneously. And you must make time to behold the breathtaking local treasures, including the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada National Park.

Canary Islands

This cluster of Spanish islands located off the northwestern coast of Africa is one of Spain’s premier beach destinations. In addition to sultry shorelines, the Canary Islands are also teeming with outdoor attractions that will make any adventurer swoon, including three national parks. In between hiking and relaxing on the beach, take some time to stroll the neighborhoods of Santa Cruz or Las Palmas to get a taste of local life.

Finally, you will enjoy a lot if you visit Spain. It is a country that is located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula to the south of France and Andorra and the east of Portugal. It has coastlines on the Bay of Biscay (a part of the Atlantic Ocean) and the Mediterranean Sea.